Graphic Design Idea for Hallmark Generate:

Customization on Character and Narrative 

This project focuses on providing customization for the customers to create more personal and diverse greeting cards as they like to reflect and visualize the relationship and atmosphere through cards, which also increases the effectiency of communication. 


Why do we seem to like the left one better than the right?

Through research, we know that visual information can be processed 60,000 times faster than text and is easier to remember. Researches tell that people tend to remember only 20% of what they read, while around 37% of the population are visual learners. That means they tend to perceive visual information like images or infographics, better than text or audio. All that means visual means of communication is much better than just texts. 

Human beings also like to perceive and interpret everything as themselves, because humans are consciously a self-centered race. 

Valentine's Day - gifts.jpg

According to the research, the female group is more likely to pay attention to cards than the male group. 

Providing more customization to the customers - especially female customers can reflect more of their personality and relationships in the participation of creating cards, it also benefits the brand to be more competitive in the market.

When customization is demanded, here are the solutions for now:

Screen Shot 2021-03-19 at 3.32.19 PM (3)

2. Customization addons and templates

1. Find art commissions online

Screen Shot 2021-03-19 at 3.28.00 PM (3)


a. Highly customized

b. A huge amount of choices


a. Extra expenses

b. Quality not guaranteed

c. Hard to print on the card (size, software, printing materials, etc.)

d. Time consuming (need to find artist, style, order, and wait in the queue)


a. Quality guaranteed

b. Easy to handle


a. Extra expenses may apply

b. Limited templates, less freedom in customization

c. Hard to print on the card (size, software, printing materials, etc.)

So we combined the two and try to maximize the pros for both:

This is an experimental chart designed as the simplest customization, by dividing faces into individual parts, it lets people customize according to their own look and preference to be added on the card.


black1 copy.png

Hallmark is a mature company leading the physical card market in the US, while its online shop only sells designed physical cards that are unable to customize.


It is obvious that the online market becomes a big part now, it is increasing at a higher pace and Hallmark may get more aware of it which may lead to better success.


Upon this basic idea, more elements could be added such as accessories, clothing, make-up, and also, narrative. Narrative is able to be designed as templates, letting customers build with their own characters within the little story world. They are able to remind the card receiver of their personal stories, memories, moments, life events, etc., it adds atmosphere on top of the card - which strengthens relationship between the two. 

This is ideated as an online service, able to be ordered, printed and mailed at a certain price by Hallmark.