A little about me...

So...let's call it a day.

Hi, my name is Sherry, you might have met me in the dream world... as I enjoy sleeping, I mean, who doesn't?

Like every story has an ending, my dream also ends, the bad guy? My alarm!

So I sleepily wriggle out of bed like a fish, who does not really want to leave the water...

Who are you?

I transform from a sleepy mess to Sherry --- the version that everyone knows.

Driving my little mount to the college. 

How to survive in group meetings and presentations?


One cool thing about me,


I am multi-faceted. I am sporty in badminton and carry a lovely tune in contemporary worship.

There’s no end to the things I can do.

Hey mates, let's meet.

I love cooking especially if it’s on an open fire!

I play the guitar, but I can’t promise that my audience will always have a wonderful experience...

I love reading in the traditional way.

I love the texture of pages in a book.

The texture of the paper makes me feel at peace.

 My day.

In the evening, I morph into a warrior.

My enemy,

this thesis of mine that is equally,

I know I picked this battle but it’s honestly one of my favorite love-hate relationships.

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